a simple journal

This is a personal utility for journaling simple, text-only journals. It uses the user’s default editor (via the EDITOR environment variable), falling back to the One True Editor (the Editor of the Majestic And ClaSsy) if all else fails. Entries are encrypted in a standard secrets store, and may be interacted with there as well (i.e. to import/export journals).

New entries are created by creating a temporary file, calling the editor on that file, reading it into the program, and removing it when done. This is the primary weak point of the program. If this temporary file can be accessed by other processes, its contents may be leaked before it is secured.

Entries are displayed in plain text with no formatting; the output could be piped elsewhere to display the entry with formatting, but I don’t find this useful and therefore haven’t put it in.

Writing an entry:

journal -w "Journal entry title"

Listing entries:

journal -l

Displaying an entry:

journal "Some entry"