Through the Looking Glass

A Blog Reborn

Posted on February 26, 2015

Once again, I find myself switching blog engines.

In the beginning, there was Blogger. But this was suboptimal.

Then, I switched to blaze. I wrote posts in HTML like a barbarian. This would not do.

Then came Octopress. This was in Ruby, and was about as much fun to get working as vigorously massaging my eyeballs with a cheesegrater. Once it was setup, it worked well enough, but it loaded like a cannonball-laden asthmatic. I was thrilled when I got my coderwall badges loaded up. Fond memories writing posts in Amsterdam and Africa.

Upon deciding that Octopress carried too much weight, I switched to plain Jekyll. This was even less fun than octopress to get working. My site was pretty, though, even if I stole the design from a friend.

My Ruby woes came to a head, and I stopped blogging rather than face my blogging engine.

Then came the Great Site Split. I moved my personal site to my top-level domain, and used Pollen. My site was even more beautiful, but Pollen isn’t amenable to writing a blog. It doesn’t do recursion, and every page had to be rebuilt on each build. My blog switched to Ghost, which I first dismissed because node was the new Ruby in terms of difficulty to get working and to deploy; it’s not even a static site generator. I found a docker image, and it let me write well enough, so I kept for it a spell. Still, it gave me some grief, and the iffiness of the admin console caused me to stop blogging.

So this brings me to the present. As the little footer at the bottom of the page proclaims, I’m now using Hakyll. Hakyll is nice; my site is generated with a program built using Hakyll. I can set it up how I want by writing a Haskell program. I can also re-unify my blog and personal site.

We’ll see how long it stays around.